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  • Instant Loan Program

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    Instant Loan Approval for up to $20,000. 
    Loans starting from $99 per month.

    If you own a house or condo you can get an instant loan approval of up to $20,000.00 regardless of credit or employment status.

    6 big reasons why you should use us as your money source as opposed to any other service.

    1.  We are the company with the money...while many other typical companies have to go out and source money for you, we actually lend directly from our existing capital already on hand.

    2.  We approve you faster...from the time the lender receives your information the industry average for a loan approval is typically 10 to 14 days.  Our average approval time is less than 60 seconds.

    3.  Our loans save you money.  On average our loans save our clients over $2,000.00 per year vs typical lenders.

    4.  You're more likely to get the money.  In 2019 we have approved 100% of our applications thus far vs the industry norm of approving less than 15% of loan applications.

    5.  Others say it's so.  Our program has a tremendous reputation and track record.  As a matter of fact 100% of our clients have said they would recommend us to others.

    6.  We guarantee our results in writing. While many other lenders make promises they can't keep, we actually back our commitments up with written guarantees to you.

    There is no cost to apply and there is no obligation to borrow money.

    Higher loan amounts also available.

    * Some conditions apply.  Contact us for more details

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