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  • Homes For Hockey - The Ultimate Community Fundraiser

    Buy and Sell or Invest With Confidence

    Buy, Sell or Invest with one of the Top Real Estate Teams in North America and receive 25% of the
    commission towards sponsorship for your hockey team.

    This offer includes members of the team, their families as well as referrals.  The offer is good for the entire
    hockey season.  

    Register your team now to receive a special code unique to your team.

    Limited number of teams available for the program.  

    Through Homes 4 Hockey it supports all teams and associations involved in hockey by providing support to the
    team and parents by donating 25% of the commission to your 
    hockey team, this will allow children interested in
    playing hockey the opportunity to chase their Canadian hockey dream and also help alleviate the financial
    burden on parents
    wanting to sign their children up for competitive or recreational hockey.

    "I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to play rep hockey as a child. When I was playing I had no idea the sacrifices that my parents had made in order to make my dreams of playing hockey a reality. I didn't realize it at the time as I just played, but as an adult I can now appreciate the excessive financial burden that my parents endured. I had friends that weren't able to play simply because they're parents could not afford the escalating cost of playing hockey. The game has given so much to me, lifelong friends, everlasting memories, and important life lessons, I want to do what I can do give back and give others the chance to play that may not have had the opportunity otherwise."

    - John Shields explains his experience with playing hockey as a kid and his hopes of
    helping other kids play the sport we love.

    "Growing up as kid who immigrated from Scotland where hockey was not exactly a sport played or even known, I was not involved at a young age... I spent most of my childhood playing soccer and always wished I could play hockey like the other kids at school.... Knowing how expensive hockey was to start it was hard for my parents to get me into the sport... Eventually by the luck of an NHL neighbour who had hockey gear I could use, I was able to get into the game..... Hockey is not the cheapest sport and I know the financial burden it places on families and if we can help reduce the costs anyway while providing excellent service then that's what we plan on doing"

    -Dave Morrison's experience as a kid growing up not having the option to play hockey due to the financial burden it has on parents.