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    Your Basement Finished in 30 Days or Less or it's Free:

    Many basement renovation companies take on too many projects and don't have the resources to finish jobs they started, leaving the homeowner with unusable space and a lot of frustration.

    While Other Basement Renovation Companies promise to complete your basement in a timely manner, we actually guarantee it in writing.

    Here are the 6 Big Reasons to Hire our company to finish your basement as opposed to any other company out there:

    1.  We have the Basements - We have a full time dedicated team of trades specializing in basement design, budgeting, financing, and all of the materials required to complete the job without relying on others.

    2.  Our Basements get Completed Faster - Our basements get completed 3.5 times faster than basements done by typical basement companies.  This allows you to enjoy your basement in a fraction of the amount of time it would take you to achieve the same outcome with another basement renovation company.  Less time = Less disturbance and mess and more enjoyment.

    3.  Our Basements are  on Average 1.2 Times Less Expensive - Because we have all of the trades and materials in house, we don't have to pay hefty markups for materials and labour that typical basement companies have to pay when they finish basements.  Our company is regularly called upon by homeowners to come in and fix all of the problems that their previous contractor has caused.

    4.  Your Basement Will Get Finished - Many contractors start jobs and don't finish them.  Since we have began our company many years ago we have finished 100% of the obs we have started.
    5.  Others Say This is the Case - Don't just take our word for it.  We have hundreds of other people who have provided testimonials on the success of our projects.

    6. We Guarantee our Results in Writing - While other companies may promise things to you, we actually guarantee them..in writing.