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  • Ambitious Real Estate Agent Wanted Now!

    Our complete Real Estate Agent Program will ensure you have a successful rewarding career in real estate.  This complete program is a step by step program guiding you through the business as a real estate agent.

    Register for free information to become a successful real estate agent.  Whether you are interested in becoming a real estate agent or you currently have your licence, we will show you what it takes to become highly successful in this business with our step by step system.

    We have far too many Buyers and Sellers currently and are looking for people who want to join our team as a Realtor.  Whether you are an experienced Realtor or are interested in becoming a Realtor, we will train you with our easy to use systems and provide you the support you need for a highly successful real estate career.  

    Our system will give you the following in your real estate career::

    #1 Leads from qualified Buyers and Sellers from our Lead     Generation Programs
    #2 Education and Training Programs
    #3 Office Space
    #4 Mastermind Groups and Networking 
    #5 Marketing Support and Tools 
    #6 Client and Data Management Tools 
    #7 Coaching and Accountability 
    #8 Administrative and Team Support
    #9 Your Website
    #10 Your Personal 24/7/365 Live Answering Service
    #11 Personal one on one coaching from a local agent that has sold over $100 Million Dollars in Real Estate in your marketplace.
    #12 Commercial Real Estate Coaching and Training
    #13 Access to the best House Flip Program available www.HouseFlipProgram.com
    #14 Access to Renter to Buyer Conversion Program. www.StopPayingTheLandlord.com
    #15 Access to Community Fundraising Programs eg. www.Homes4Hockey.ca
    #16 Your personal business cards
    #17 Access to the Guaranteed Home Sale Program www.HomeGuaranteedCashOffer.com
    #18 Membership to the Millionaire Agent Maker Program
    #19 Use of a 24 Hour Information Hotline to promote yourself and your properties
    #20 Access to preferred pricing construction for renovations.

    Are you somebody who’s a loyal, hardworking type person who would rather spend their time selling rather than cold-calling or manual grunt prospecting?  Are you the kind of agent who would prefer to have leads and appointments given to them that are pre-screened and have already been followed-up with, buying and selling at higher price points than worrying about where your next closing is going to come from?  Do you like the idea of earning $100,000 to $250,000 in net commission income like the other agents on my team do?  If so then you just might be the great sales partner we’re looking for.

    Are you someone interested in becoming a real estate agent to free yourself from a life where you are tied to a work schedule and feel trapped.  Take back control of your life while at the same time earning more money than you are now.  I have always believed that if you are going to learn something new its best to learn from the best.

    I have put together an hour-long presentation where you can see first-hand how we get so many of these great buyer and seller prospects and how we pass them on to the agents on my team, as many as they can skillfully handle.

    There’s no obligation for you to come and see. None whatsoever. I am confident you will be amazed at the sheer number of buyers and sellers contacting us each day and blown away at the quality of these prospects. Like I said, they are at a higher than average price point, they are ready to move and waiting on a call back for help.

    If you like the sound of this, then register now and begin your path to success in a real estate career NOW. 

    If you like the sound of this, then call my 24-hour information line for information

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